Sunday, 6 November 2016

Chronological Clues

Governor Saracoglu presents some round numbers of centuries, nothing more. From that, we can begin to construct a chronological framework.

Period zero (3+ years): During the Grand Survey, the Olga under Captain Gray discovers and explores many extrasolar planets, including Ythri and Avalon. Reckoning from that arbitrary zero:

150 A human group led by an old trade pioneer settles Avalon under Ythrian protection. Some Ythrians move to Avalon.

200 The Polesotechnic League collapses.

500 Terran-Ythrian War.

700 The McCormac Rebellion and its aftermath.

722 The Dennitzan crisis.

This doesn't fit with the existing Chronology, does it?

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

No, it doesn't fit in with Sandra Miesel's Chronology and my revision of it. For one thing it gives too short a period of time for the Polesotechnic League to have existed before the Mirkheim crisis. Of course, since Governor Saracoglu was merely using very round numbers, perhaps we should not press them too hard for more exact details.