Friday, 10 June 2016

War, Wind And Twilight

(Here is Wagner's Wanderer as drawn by Arthur Rackham.)

This is not ordinary sf fandom, is it? Poul Anderson was a master of hard sf but I am rereading one of his fantasy novels. In the previous post, I focused on a single word, "twilight," as used by both CS Lewis and Anderson, and drew a fanciful connection between them. This recalled two previous quotations from Lewis' Surprised By Joy. These in turn referred to "wind," a recurrent theme and symbol in Anderson's works, and to "war," an important subject matter of Anderson's works.

Here, I quote Anderson:

"Wind gusted out of twilight..." (see the link)

When recounting his experience of war, Lewis reminds us that it is what Homer wrote about. Anderson describes combat convincingly despite, as far as I am aware, not having experienced it.

These connections between war, wind, twilight, Lewis and Anderson emerged in the process of blogging and cross-referring. There is no way that I could have set out to draw such connections. And I never know what is coming next.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Yes, I too don't believe Poul Anderson ever personally experienced war. I have read that when he presented himself for military service in 1944, during WW II, he was turned down due to near sightedness and bad hearing.