Thursday, 23 June 2016


"...the Dane-King gathered a host and fared off to Langeland. Thence they overran Turo [?] and afterward the whole southern half of Fyn...

"The old king at Odense, who had broken free from Leidhra [?], was dead...his son...could raise more men near home that Hrolf could ferry across the Belt...

"...he and his sons got their boat ashore on the lonely strand along Hindsholm.

"...he sought Odin's Lake...

"...east toward Zealand." (Hrolf Kraki's Saga, pp. 140-144)

Two further points:

(i) Skuld points "...a horse's skull, the worst kind of ill-wishing..." (p. 144) towards Zealand. Such a curse was also made in Mother Of Kings.

(ii) I pointed out that Skuld personifies or embodies the sea in that her eyes change color like sea-waves but I missed that "...she flowed rather than walked." (p. 125)

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