Thursday, 2 June 2016

Histories And Empires

The Roman Empire is part of Terran history and the Terran Empire is part of Technic history. Poul Anderson's historically based fictions of different genres extend from Atlantis to the twentieth century and cover several periods of Roman civilization. Anderson's History of Technic Civilization extends from exploration of the outer Solar System to human civilizations in three spiral arms and covers several periods of the Terran Empire.

Baen Books collected the Technic History in seven volumes. With a slight reallocation of contents, the seven volumes could comprise:

Vols I-III, from exploration of the Solar System to the Terran War on Avalon;

Vols IV-VI, from the Starkad affair to the Magnusson Revolt;

Vol VI, from new alliances formed during the Long Night to the exploration of the Cloud Universe.

Nicholas van Rijn and David Falkayn are born during Vol I and die during Vol III, although their births and deaths remain off-stage.

The Terran Empire is founded at the midpoint of Vol III and falls between Vols VI and VII.

Dominic Flandry is born between Vols III and IV and dies between Vols VI and VII.

No single character lives through the much longer period covered by Vol VII.

Vols I-III constitute a future history and Vol VII alone also constitutes a future history whereas Vols IV-VI do not because they are set during a single life time. The entire series is a major future history.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And Poul Anderson revised a few of his Technic History stories to make them fit in better as the series developed--such as "Margin of Profit" and "Tiger By The Tail," "Honorable Enemies," etc. I would include these as an appendix to Volume VII, with a note explaining the revised versions should be considered canonical.