Friday, 10 June 2016

Gods Who Walk On Earth

In Wagner's Ring cycle, Wotan is called the Wanderer when he walks among men. In Poul Anderson's War Of The Gods, Gangleri (Wanderer) introduces Hadding Gramsson to the wadmal-wearing Lysir Eyvinsson who has assembled a fleet. Readers, although not the characters, recognize Gangleri as Odin.

Imagine if the chief god were anthropomorphic/humanoid and could simply descend to Earth and walk around like anyone else without having to change form or to be incarnated! It took me a while to realize this but that is exactly what Krishna Consciousness devotees believe about Krishna. He is not an incarnation or avatar, as in mainstream Hinduism, but is literally the most fundamental form of God. The ultimate reality that creates and sustains everything else is and always has been humanoid, male and blue.

We accept such an idea in the Eddas, Wagner and Anderson but must surely question it if it is presented to us as serious theology.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    Commenting on your last sentence: and, of course, Christianity claims, that God became Incarnate as Man and walked among men. And that is literally true, not a mere myth, legend, tall story, etc.


    1. Sean,
      Yes but he had not preexisted in that human form and descended to Earth like a visiting ET.

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      True, and I should acknowledged that. Christianity believes the pre-Incarnate Logos assumed a human nature and body to His Divinity at the moment the BVM gave her Fiat to the angel