Sunday, 12 June 2016

Blogging And Life

I do not blog full time because meanwhile there is life. Last night, we attended a social event organized by the Lancaster branch of the National Union of Teachers. Money was collected for a convoy of cars and vans that will take support and solidarity to refugees stranded in Calais. Today we walked to Hest Bank via Lancaster Canal. See image.

Meanwhile, another part of my brain drafted a reply to a comment on a post and three new posts, including this one. I must meditate and maybe visit my daughter and granddaughter before posting on elves under the heading of "From Elven To Elfin."

The blog is a work in progress both because there is always more to be written and also because what has already been written may require additions or corrections. Everything is provisional and is only what I think as of the date on it. Until the next post, I leave blog readers to contemplate the role of elves in mythology, literature and Poul Anderson's fiction.

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