Monday, 21 December 2015

The Galactic Synthesis Of Human Psychodynamics With Interstellar Coordination

In Poul Anderson's "The Chapter Ends," the reference to psychotechnicians is a link back to the Psychotechnic Institute of the United Nations and Solar Union periods whereas the reference to an Integrator is a link back to the Coordination Service of the Stellar Union period so maybe the Galactics synthesize the best aspects of those earlier periods?

At the same time, the reference to a First Empire that has not been mentioned before but that fell fifty thousand years previously shows that the bulk of humanity has had enough time to:

migrate towards the Galactic Center;
extend their lifetimes by hundreds of years;
gain control of their nervous systems;
mutate their brains in order to control cosmic forces;
interact with the gas giant dwelling Hulduvians.

Although Sandra Miesel's Foreword to Anderson's Starship says that our species remains imperfectible, major changes have been made and earlier problems have been overcome.

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