Sunday, 27 December 2015

Into 2016

We have passed 1984, 2000 and 2001. The next significant year is 2018 from James Blish's Cities In Flight.

This blog focuses on Poul Anderson and related writers. The blog's contents clearly demonstrate that such a focus is far from narrow. At this time of year, I receive Christmas and birthday (1 Jan) presents that include other reading. However, such is the range of issues covered by Anderson's works, that it is usually possible to connect his works to that other reading (see here and here). The book about surveillance and social control also recalls SM Stirling's Draka: permanently militarized groups regarding force as the only reliable way to ensure their own survival and to maintain social control.

My agenda for 2016 includes:

to read The infinite Voyage by Poul Anderson;
after a welcome break, to return to the violent story of the Draka.

Will there be any significant publishing events in 2016, like -

a Baen Books Complete Psychotechnic History?
a Complete Works Volume I?

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