Monday, 21 December 2015



is a psychotechnician;
is also a human being whose remote ancestors came from Earth;
but was born on the planet, Fulkhis, in the Galactic center, part of an ancient interstellar civilization;
is nearly 1,000 years old;
can, by his own power, cross 30,000 light years in 10 days while holding around himself an envelope of air and heat!

3,000 light years per day?

Superman flies through space because he is immune to cold and vacuum whereas the Green Lanterns can, like Jorun, hold air and heat around themselves. The latter proposition is marginally less implausible.

I am noticing and remembering these details about Jorun only because I am rereading carefully enough to summarize and post at the same time. 30,000 light years in 10 days! Whatever next?

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