Thursday, 24 December 2015

Field Dynamics

(Ganymede, the setting of Poul Anderson's The Snows Of Ganymede (New York, 1958).)

Psychodynamics grew out of:

games theory;
communications theory;
general semantics;
the principle of last (least?) effort;
generalized epistemology. (p. 48)

"The original Psychotechnic Institute eventually absorbed all similar groups. Devoting itself to study, it came up with some fundamental equations describing human relations. The approach was that of field dynamics. Its discoveries about the psychometrics of the individual were of even greater ultimate importance, but centuries would pass before those bore full fruit." (ibid.)

Three interesting points:

field dynamics;
discoveries about individual psychology ultimately more important;
these discoveries bearing fruit centuries later - in the Stellar Union period?

The Institute is destroyed but psychotechnics is not.

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