Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Aycharaych And Ignatieff

Two Science Fiction Villains

(i) Aycharaych is a humanoid from an extrasolar planet whereas Ignatieff is a human being in an alternative history.

(ii) Aycharaych is a universal telepath whereas Ignatieff is served by a timelines-discerning clairvoyant.

(iii) Aycharaych preserves his Chereionite heritage whereas Ignatieff wants the destruction of life.

(iv) For Aycharaych, conflict and unrest are means whereas, for Ignatieff, the infliction of pain is a pleasure.

(v) Aycharaych's commitment is to his heritage, not to the Roidhun, while Ignatieff's commitment is to the Peacock Angel, not to the Czar.

(vi) Aycharaych and Flandry enjoy their conversations whereas Ignatieff and King fight to the death from their very first meeting.

(vii) Aycharaych subverts Flandry's son whereas Ignatieff had killed King's father.

(viii) Ignatieff unequivocally died whereas we can never be sure with Aycharaych...


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Commenting about your point "iv," I would say rather that for Ignatieff the destruction of all life on Earth was the end he sought and the pleasure he derived from that was the reward the Peacock Angel gave to his faithful votaries.

Your point "vi" says: "Aycharaych and Flandry enjoy their CONVERSIONS whereas and Ignatieff and King fight to the death from their very first meeting." I think you meant CONVERSATIONS here.


Paul Shackley said...

Thank you for the correction.