Thursday, 13 November 2014


The Trillian, Witweet:

is an erect, meter-high, gray-furred, tailed biped;
has padded feet and large ears on a spherical head;
wears an embroidered kimono with a pink bow.

His species:

are omnivores;
have never hunted or waged war;
use no personal violence beyond infrequent scuffles;
employ unarmed police officers called Courtesy Monitors;
have started into space;
are largely an unknown factor for the League -

- the point being that some inaccurate conclusions may well be drawn from the information imparted so far.

It is good to see that some races at least have never waged war. If there really were that many other intelligent species out there, then there would have to be some whose evolution and history were sufficiently different from ours that they had never found mass slaughter an acceptable way to settle their differences.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

I suppose it is theoretically possible some non human races might be less warlike and combative than ours, despite my having doubts that will be the case. After all, if even the Trillians had some "infrequent scuffles," my view is that alone shows them as having at least the potentiality of being as aggressive as anyone else.

Alas, "A Little Knowledge" is the only Technic History showing us the Trillians. We don't know how Trillia fared during the Time of Troubles after the collapse of the Polesotechnic League. Sheer necessity might well have forced Trillia to raise armed forces for fighting off barbarians and petty war lords.

Assuming Trillia's star lay no more than about 200 light years from Sol, I can imagine Trillia willingly, even eagerly joining the Terran Empire.