Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Arinnian's Contributions To The Earth Book

(Is that an Ythrian or a Diomedean on this cover?)

Arinnian of Stormgate, whose human name is Christopher Holm, has translated texts from Planha to Anglic and also wrote three of the twelve stories in The Earth Book Of Stormgate, the second and third in collaboration with Hloch.

Hloch tells us that the xenologist Fluoch of Mistwood brought the story of Trillia and Paradox "...back to Ythri lifetimes ago..." (Earth Book, p. 291). Did Hloch mean "...back to Avalon..."? Mistwood is an Avalonian choth and the Earth Book is an Avalonian work. In any case, this was the first of the stories that Arinnian prepared for the Earth Book.

The remaining two stories have a more complicated history:

several years after the Babur War, van Rijn and Falkayn transferred data units from Earth to Hermes;
the units were entrusted to the Ducal and Falkayn families;
after the dissolution of the League, the units could not be read because there was no decipherment program and they were almost forgotten;
Rennhi, on Hermes to research Falkayn's rumored involvement with Merseia, learned of the units and got permission to transfer their molecular patterns;
she started a code-breaking effort which was supported by the military because war with the Empire was imminent;
although the units contained no military information, the cracking of the code developed Avalonian cryptography;
the units did contain historically important accounts of Falkayn on Merseia and of van Rijn at Mirkheim.

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