Thursday, 20 November 2014

Coya III

After van Rijn and Coya met Falkayn and the trader team at Mirkheim, Coya married Falkayn and joined the team for five years until her daughter, Juanita, was born. Then the couple settled on Earth. Four years later, their son, Nicholas, was born in van Rijn's mansion in the floating city of Delfinburg.

The Falkayns led the colonization of Avalon where they lived in a house on First Island in the Hesperian Sea. Their granddaughter named the planet after they had chosen it for settlement. Both David and Coya recognized in their writings how rich and strong a world would result from joint colonization under the protection of Ythri.

Nicholas Falkayn became an engineer meeting with Ythrians to plan the colonization of the Corona continent. His son, Nathaniel, learned Planha and befriended young Ythrians. Their descendant, Tabitha Falkayn, was born in Highsky Choth and married Christopher Holm of Stormgate Choth.

Although we do hear of Stormgate one more time later in the History, unfortunately there is no further information either about its human members or about any other descendants of the Falkayns.

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