Monday, 24 November 2014

The Early Technic History

The Chaos
Humanity survives its current crises.
A more humane global order emerges.
English becomes Anglic and the main international language.
There is no dark age although there may be conversion tyrannies.
However, the main, historically unprecedented, factors are scientific method and knowledge and technology. (Note: Wellsian.)
Space technologies provide resources and energy.
Technic civilization succeeds Western civilization and its rivals.

The Breakup
With hyperdrive, human beings found extrasolar colonies to preserve cultural identities or to try social experiments, for example on Hermes. The Solar Commonwealth governs the Solar System although not the colonies.

The Grand Survey...
...discovers Ythri, Gray/Avalon, Merseia etc. Ythrians and Merseians acquire hyperdrive from Technic civilization. However, the Merseians are not revisited for centuries and then only because of Valenderay. Their resentment endures.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

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And the fateful planet Starkad was also discovered by the Grand Survey.