Saturday, 20 October 2012

Poul Anderson's Time Travel

Poul Anderson's time travel fiction could be collected in two boxed sets, the first to contain three novels and one revised collection, the second to contain the two or four volume Time Patrol Series. However: There Will be Time is one volume of the "Maurai" trilogy; The Dancer From Atlantis is one of three novels set BC and could be collected with them.

That leaves the novel The Corridors Of Time and the collection Past Times. In the former, characters travel from the present to several past periods and one future period and wind up in the Bronze Age. The latter would be maybe six stories ranging from pre-human pasts to a post-human future.

It would make sense to collect these two volumes with the long novel The Boat Of A Million Years which  recounts the life of an immortal from 310 BC into an indefinite future. These three volumes covering "Many Times" would thus form one of three time-related boxed sets, the other two to be called "Time Patrol" and "Timelines."

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