Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kings Of Ys

Kings known by Quinipilis (names of Gratillonius' first nine Queens in bold):

Redorix. This landholder, widowed and ruined by a barbarian raid, successfully challenged the reigning King of Ys. He reigned nine years, was the father of Gladwy, who became Quinipilis in the reign of Wulfgar, and died fighting Saxon rovers.

Calloch. An Ysan delegation bought this gladiator to replace Redorix as King. He reigned six years and was the father of the high priestesses Fennalis and Morvanalis.

Wulfgar. This Saxon outlaw reigned nineteen years, enlarged the Navy and was the father of Karilis, Quistilis, Lanarvilis, Tambilis and Bodilis. Because Tambilis became a Queen and the mother of Bodilis, Wulfgar lost the will to live and easily fell to Gaetulius.

Gaetuilius. This Army deserter reigned eleven years and was the father of Maldunilis, Innilis and Vindilis.

Lugaid. This Scotian reigned four years and was the father of Forsquilis.

Hoel. An escaped slave, a good King and the father of Dahilis.

Colconor. A rapist and brigand, cursed by the Nine and killed by Gratillonius.


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