Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Age Of The Fish

In Gallicenae (London, 1988) by Poul and Karen Anderson, a Witch-Queen of Ys says that the Gods

"'...Themselves are troubled. For the heavens have moved from the Sign of the Ram to the Sign of the Fish, and the old Age dies as the new comes to birth.'" (p. 32)

That sounds familiar. In Greek, "Ichthys," meaning "fish," is also the initials for the phrase "Jesus Anointed God's Son Saviour." The fish is a symbol of life and associated with Jesus through parables and miracle stories. Could these be the meanings of the Ages? -

Ram: agriculture, animal sacrifice;
Fish: Christianity;
Aquarius, Water Carrier: watering the seeds planted in the previous Age.

I have seen three versions of "Ichthys" on cars:

the Christian symbol;
the symbol with legs enclosing the word "Darwin";
the symbol with legs and an arm holding a spanner enclosing the word "Evolve."

"Ichthys" is preferable to an instrument of torture and execution, as are the seated Buddha and the Taoist yin-yang symbol.

Addendum: Also, the Water Carrier is a man so the Aquarian Age is the Age of Men, meaning human beings as opposed to Gods, maybe with the God-Man of the Piscean Age as an intermediary? (I interpret astrology symbolically, not literally.)

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