Saturday, 5 November 2016

Arinnian And Eyath II

Daniel Holm warns:

"''ll not be under human law any more, you'll be under choth law and custom.... Hold on. That's fine, if you're an Ythrian. Chris, you haven't got the chromosomes. Those who've pretended they did, never fitted well into either race, ever again.'" (Rise Of The Terran Empire, p. 439)

Christopher/Arinnian retorts:

"'Damnation, I'm not pretending-!'" (ibid.)

Isn't he? When he speaks of faring to his choth because Khruaths are being called, his accent changes:

"He was no longer using the Planha-influenced Anglic of was as if he were trying to translate for a human listener the thought of an Ythrian brain." (p. 437)

Like other "birds," he tends to discard clothes as if he were feathered. He thinks:

"O God, to have real wings!" (p. 441)

He regards goggles as a "...poor substitute for a nictitating membrane." (ibid.)

Arinnian insists that choth membership widens and purifies his humanity. (p. 438) Meanwhile, what does his childhood friend, Eyath, think?

"'I dreamt last night that we were indeed like humans.'
"'What, forever in rut?'
"'Forever in love.'" (p. 470)

An idealized Ythrian view of humanity!

Vodan warns Eyath:

"'...don't try, don't wish to be human.'" (ibid.)

This reminds me of an exchange between two friends in Lancaster:

"I wish I was a big bloke, like you!"
"I wish I was a little bloke, like you!"

Maybe Thuriak of the Weathermaker Choth and Nat Falkayn were wiser generations earlier:

"'I have learned how good it is that strengths be different, so that they may be shared.'
"'Well, yes, sure. Wasn't that the whole idea behind this colony?'" (p. 306)

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Yes, Eyath felt a little bit of the same wish to be of a different race and species as did Arinnian. Fortunately, however, it was only a little.

And Tabitha Falkayn was like her ancestor Nat Falkayn, appreciating both being human and believing that the things peculiar to Ythrians and humans alike strengthens and complements the colonists of both races.