Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Current Agenda

Ketlan has got another old laptop working for me so it seems that we are back in business. It is late so I am not sure how much will be done in what is left of today. I have continued to reread "Iron" by Poul Anderson and will post more about this story, then about Anderson's second and third Man-Kzin Wars stories while rereading them. I might also post a little more on Mars since this topic has recurred recently. I will definitely post about story-telling media and Superman on Comics Appreciation. (Links added later.)

While driving to Ketlan's cottage on the Marsh Estate, Lancaster, to collect the laptop, I found Laburnum Grove (see image) cordoned off by police conducting a murder investigation in one of the houses shown here. I occasionally mention notable events in the City of Lancaster so I thought that this qualified. The tower of the Priory Church, which we have featured before, can be seen in the background behind the tree.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I appreciate the glimpses you give us of life in Lancaster--while regretting this one happened to be an investigation of a murder. This mention of a crime makes me search my memory for stories by Anderson about crimes. The three Trygve Yamamura mysteries comes to mind. Plus short stories like "The Martian Crown Jewels." Or "The Adventure Of The Misplaced Hound" (co authored with Gordon R. Dickson). Various other mystery short stories also comes to mind!