Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Flandry, Bond And Two Others

Here I compare James Bond/007 to two nameless characters: the Prisoner has a number, No 6, and V is a number, 5, an accidental numerical sequence. Now we can add Dominic Flandry to the list although we are not told his code number.

(i) 007 endlessly, eternally, engages external enemies of freedom.

(ii) The Prisoner (maybe) frees himself by realizing that the ultimate enemy is internal, No 1 = I.

(iii) V, with help from others, (maybe) frees society: people who have become internally free will no longer allow themselves to be externally enslaved.

(iv) Flandry does not seek any internal or anarchic liberation but does recognize that his society is flawed whereas Bond does not.

007, No 6 and V form a conceptual sequence. It is good to find Flandry's place somewhere between 007 and V.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

All societies are flawed, and will always be flawed because the human beings who make them up are fallen and imperfect.

Perhaps OO7 did not feel the need to be as reflective as Flandry because the UK (and the West in general) was so patently and plainly BETTER than the USSR.