Sunday, 2 July 2017

In The Omnicontinuum

Poul Anderson, "Requiem For A Universe." (See here.)

Throughout the "omnicontinuum," indeterminacy generates an unlimited number of dissimilar universes;

some universe are cyclical whereas others expand indefinitely;

nothing can pass between them.

If the universes cannot interact, then does it make sense to say that they are parts of a single "omnicontinuum"?

Our universe began as a quantum fluctuation about twenty billion years ago;

energy concentrations called strings caused "'...the cellular distribution of galactic clusters...'" (p. 42);

this universe will expand indefinitely;

a unified field theory was formulated over a century before the action of the story;

the theory enables scientists to understand -

- matter;
other dimensions.

Four items are listed here. The list does not identify matter with energy.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Interesting, I had not known, or had forgotten, that some cosmologists who accept the idea of multiple universes thin some of them are cyclical and others will expand indefinitely. Perhaps the hell universe in OPERATION CHAOS is an example of an utterly dead, eternally expanding universe? Perhaps Satan, by means unknown to us, can so utterly corrupt some universes that they will expand indefinitely? That might be one means of bringing eternal ruin to a cosmos and could fit in what Whoever was behind the Change and the CUT in Stirling's Emberverse books.