Monday, 17 July 2017

Preparations For War

Concurrently reading Emberverse and Time Patrol, see here.

The Teuring headmen, claiming descent from Wodan, prepare to attack Ermanaric, a historical figure.

The Bossman of the Free Republic of Richland prepares a volunteer force to fight the Church Universal and Triumphant, whose leaders are possessed by an evil supernatural entity.

This is one part of the Emberverse theology I do not understand yet. Mind, which has evolved in an uncreated universe but which now directs the course of evolution in subsequent universes, incorporates a disagreement between the view that entropy should be accepted and the view that it should be transcended. But why should the pro-entropy view be represented by a demonic dictatorship?

In any case, there are preparations for war in two fictional universes.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And of course we see preparations for war among the Goths because Poul Anderson was trying to work out a plausible scenario fitting the few hints and scraps about poorly known historical characters like King Ermanaric.

I'm still on Volume 1, DIES THE FIRE, and the dominant view among those characters finding time to give a thought on what caused the Change is that it was caused by Alien Space Bats, hostile beings from another planet. As good a possibility as any!