Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Alien II

See Alien.

"The value of [this story] lies in the human look upon us, a look which tried to reach down into the spirit and thereby, maychance, now opens for us a glimpse into theirs." (p. 25)

This is the concluding paragraph of Hloch's Introduction to "The Problem of Pain." Thus, in the Earth Book Of Stormgate, not only do Ythrians look at human beings as a species but also, more specifically, they look into one human being who had tried to look deeply into the Ythrians and who thus possibly disclosed more of humanity to them!

Just as "nation" is an alien idea to an Ythrian, a Christian from the colony planet, Aeneas, finds the Ythrian New Faith difficult to square with his beliefs.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I could not agree with the Ythrian New Faith's belief that while God is NOT the Sadist, He is the Hunter. That God the Hunter wishes Ythrians to be like prey giving their hunters a good fight or chase. For me, as a human, I find it far more natural and right to think of God as the King, Father, Creator, and Judge.

And of course I would appreciate shrewd and friendly Ythrians trying to understand aliens like the humans of both Avalon and the Empire. And some, like Peter Berg, would be trying to understand Ythrians.