Monday, 8 May 2017

Once More Into The Time Vortex III

Continued from here.

Part Three (pp. 127-136)
Guion is on pp. 133-136.
His fluent English is barely accented.
He is interested in Wanda Tamberly because the circumstances that brought her to the Patrol were unusual.
He has no definite questions.
He seeks clues to a certain matter.
Wanda is like a witness to a crime or accident who might have noticed something helpful.
They speak English because, in any other language, her expressiveness would be limited and uncoordinated with her body language.
He asks her to talk freely, mainly about herself.
She may have nothing to do with the business and he cannot say what it is (!).
He compares world lines to a spiderweb.
A touch on one strand affects many.
Causality can double back or annul itself.
A disturbance can be traced up the threads but its source might not be in our yet or reality.
He breaks off, as he did with Everard.
Wanda was connected to the Exaltationists, a major disruptive force.
They might be related to something larger although not to another organization.
Chaos has a coherence.
Things and people recur.
Those who have been part of great events might be again even if extant records do not show it.
Guion has to make sure that Everard was not the only one who counted.

More mystery, obviously building up to something. But, in a variable reality, how can any preparations be made? This conversation might be among the events that are "deleted" in an altered timeline. On the other hand, the conversation occurs in 31,275,389 BC. Thus, unlike Guion's two conversations with Everard, it will not be affected by any alterations occurring in historical times.

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