Sunday, 21 May 2017

Kinds Of Interstellar Craft

Dominic Flandry's private spaceship, the Hooligan:

moves through the Technic History version of hyperspace;
is fast, spacious and luxurious;
has cabins, a galley, a gym and a stateroom.

Flandry's servant cooks and serves meals and dresses his employer for dinner.

In James Blish's The Star Dwellers, Howard Langer's personal cruiser, the Ariadne:

has an FTL Haertel overdrive;
also has Nernst generators as big as those in a liner, taking up more than half its space;
has a control cabin barely large enough for a crew of three, coffin-like personal cabins and no room for passengers;
is small, streamlined and bullet-like for fast atmospheric transit.

When the same three men make the two-year, sixty thousand light year round trip to the galactic centre, they need a converted liner full of cavernous storage areas.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Simply for reasons of personal comfort, I would far prefer Flandry's "Hooligan" to Langer's "Ariadne"! (Smiles)

And Flandry's butler, Chives" was far more than a every efficient servant, he was also trained to pilot star ships and assist Flandry in his INtelligence work.