Sunday, 7 May 2017

Gods On Battlefields

How do gods manifest on battlefields?

They intervened at Troy.

For Mithras and the Sign to Constantine, see here.

Someone who attended our Zen group described a larger-than-life apparition of Maitreya at a demonstation in London.

"The black wings beat behind Rudi, invisible, more solid than stone and vaster than worlds."
-SM Stirling, The Sunrise Lands (New York, 2008), Chapter Fifteen, p. 359.

In this last case, the wings are invisible to everyone and are sensed as solid and vast only by Rudi, whose inner experience continues:

"He felt as if his blood had been replaced with something that scalded and froze at the same time, like boiling acid." (ibid.)

Either the Gods favor Rudi or he is particularly prone to this kind of experience. Some people see things. Whether or in what sense what they see exists is a complicated question that I tried to discuss here.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Hmmm, is it possible that due to the INTENSE concentration and focus required by war and combat, that some soldiers transcend or "see" beyond the immediate worldly moment? Possibly!

I'm also reminded of the fiery horses and chariots seen by the Prophet Elisha as he was being defended from being captured by those Syrian raiders in 4/2 Kings 6.17.