Thursday, 4 May 2017

Flandry And Others

By comparing Dominic Flandry with other fictional characters, we learn a few things about his character.

(i) He is a gambler. James Bond gambles for his country in Casino Royale so gambling is a bigger deal in the Bond series but it is also one of Flandry's activities.

(ii) Flandry perhaps resembles Simon Templar in debonair cheerfulness rather than in means of livelihood.

(iii) Unlike Bond, Flandry does reflect on the flaws in the civilization that he defends and knows that it will go under. See here.

Other Characters Used For Comparison
James Bond
Simon Templar
The Prisoner

I am sure that we can learn more?

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Unlike Bond in CASINO ROYALE, we don't see Flandry using gambling for political reasons. Aside, of course, in "Tiger By The Tail," where Flandy used gambling both to obtain some much needed money on Scotha and win the friendship of one of Prince Cerdic's brothers. For Flandry, poker playing was mostly a means of relaxation with his friends. And any stakes were probably kept low.