Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Clash Of Philosophies

I realise that what comes across in the blog is my philosophy of life but it is filtered through discussion of issues arising from the works of Poul Anderson and related authors like SM Stirling and John C. Wright. Thus, when characters pray, wage war or have sex, the blogger can say what he believes about these basic human activities. The texts invite such discussion.

Someone who is interested in war and who respects Poul Anderson's views might:

read or reread Anderson's works;
read my posts for what they are worth;
read and/or contribute to the combox.

In addition, one blog reader has submitted articles for publication on the blog. Thus, I trust that the blogger's views are expressed within a wider debate initiated by writers of some very challenging speculative fiction.

Onward, Earthlings!

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I greatly appreciate your PA Appreciation blog! It's been the only "place" I found online where I could so often discuss the works of Poul Anderson and related authors. I am grateful for the patience a center/leftist like you has shown to a conservative and Catholic like me who has so often disagreed with your views.

And thanks for the nice allusion to the articles I have submitted here! I wish I was as prolific at writing as you are! But I was glad to be able to write and "publish" here those 18 or so essays. I hope I will soon be inspired to write another one. And I hope other readers will be similarly inspired and submit their own essays.