Friday, 8 January 2016

Concurrent Reading

I will reread Poul Anderson's "Brake" to its conclusion to remind myself of how it contributes to his Psychotechnic History. However, right now, it has to compete with several other books to be read. But all are relevant:

Doctor Mirabilis by James Blish, about the founder of scientific method;

Miracleman by Neil Gaiman, about a Golden Age that becomes a Silver Age, then a Dark Age - a utopia that goes bad;

a book about yogis who seem already to have much of the psychophysical knowledge sought by Anderson's psychotechnicians;

a book, published in 2015, about current global politics and militarism.

Miracleman is set in an alternative timeline. The three other works describe our past and present - and could lead to something like Anderson's Psychotechnic Institute, Planetary Engineers, Solar Union etc in our future.

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