Saturday, 23 January 2016

Racial Superiority

Information about Homo drakensis' physical superiority is probably distributed throughout SM Stirling's Drakon (New York, 2000) but let's begin a list now.

Gwen has:

an implanted link to the Web;
an animal power of scent;
a feline ability to see in the dark;
the ability to see infrared;
superhuman strength and speed;
combat biomods;
periodic DNA updates;
the ability to digest anything organic;
conscious control of pheromones;
an unshockable physiology;
an immune system and panspecifics that eliminate unfamiliar bacteria and viruses;
the ability to will away pain;
ability to seal wounds by clotting;
an indefinitely prolonged lifespan since the last retrofit;
denser, stronger bones;
hemoglobin with a higher oxygen-transport capacity;
an auxiliary heart;
the ability to regenerate limbs, organs, nerve and bone unless killed instantly, e.g., by destruction of the brain or detachment of the head;
internal organo-metallic armor (one of the biomods) grown by a synthetic virus.

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