Sunday, 24 January 2016

Can't Resist It!

SM Stirling describes sex in (excruciating?) detail but that is not what I cannot resist. It's the food. Gwen eats:

johnnycake (I had never heard of it);
fire engine (likewise);
chicken souse;
fresh avocado. (Drakon, p. 219)

At earlier meals, she had eaten:

conch soup;
grilled marlin steak;
salad. (p. 141)

- and:

a seventeen-ounce pepper steak with a faint touch of garlic, slightly bloody in the middle (I am mostly vegetarian but get the message that this is tasty food);
pommes frites;
a pastry;
whipped cream on a kiwi tart, a "....smooth-
bland-buttery combination of flavors..." (pp. 155-159)

Another meal:

"...had been long, complex and memorable..." (p. 184)

- and is followed by " and liqueurs." (p. 185)

I can't help it. This food thing is really getting to me.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I think Nicholas van Rijn and S.M. Stirling would get along fine! They are (were? will be?) both gourmands who love good food and good cooking. And Sir Dominic Flandry for that matter!

And I'm convinced Old Nick would be a fierce, determined, and DAMAGING enemy of the Draka and the Domination if he had ever come up against them. And, for that matter, so would Dominic Flandry!