Saturday, 27 June 2015

You Too Can Blog About Poul Anderson

Reread Poul Anderson's novels, series and collections.
Write summaries of descriptive passages.
Notice how the author appeals to at least three senses when describing either natural scenes or human activities.
Look out for regular literary devices, e.g., a character's moment of realization. (There is a human or technical problem. The viewpoint character will solve the problem but does not tell us how until he does it.)
Identify works that address major science fictional concepts: telepathy, teleportation, robots, aliens, artificial intelligence, immortality, interstellar travel either slower or faster than light, matter transmutation, time travel, a science of society, social organization in the future.
Notice how the author systematically addresses many such concepts from every possible angle.
Appreciate the broad range of genres handled by Anderson.
Engage critically with the author's philosophy and his views on society and history.

Later: google for book covers and see comment.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I agree with your list of how fans can comment on the works of Poul Anderson. And I think what you said also applies to the books of S.M. Stirling, that admirer of Anderson.

I would have included in your list how Anderson shows how religion, religious beliefs, philosophical ideas, etc., will affect people: past, present, and future. Including non humans. I only need to point out the recent discussion of Aycharaych's philosophy as one example!