Monday, 8 June 2015

Poul Anderson's Martians: The Full List?

I am due to go out shortly but let's reflect for a moment. Reading SM Stirling's Martian novel has prompted discussion of fictional Martians in general and of Poul Anderson's various Martians in particular. By checking back, I am learning how many Martian races Anderson imagined and what they look like. I have even found a picture of Kreega in "Duel on Syrtis." (See image.)

Provisional conclusion - Anderson imagined at least six native Martian races:

hibernating natives in the Psychotechnic History;
Martians resisting Terrestrial rule in "Duel on Syrtis" and "War-Maid of Mars";
avian Martians in "The Martian Crown Jewels;"
small tentacled Martians in The Makeshift Rocket/"A Bicycle Built For Brew" and "Captive of the Centaurianess;"
Martians who conquer Earth in The War Of Two Worlds;
powerful, undescribed Martians in Shield -

- and two different groups that become "Martians" by colonizing Mars. There is always more to say but later.

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