Monday, 25 August 2014


Reading, and writing or blogging about reading, is kind of organic and also unpredictable. Reading Poul Anderson's works led to reading the Poul Anderson memorial anthology, Multiverse. In Multiverse, I read three other writers' Time Patrol stories, which led to rereading some of Anderson's Time Patrol stories. In Multiverse, I also read Greg Bear's account of Andersonian influence on his novel, Eon. This led to reading Eon, which in turn unexpectedly led to currently rereading Anderson's Brain Wave because there is a common theme.

Reading Eon also revealed that it is the opening volume of a trilogy so I have ordered the second volume, Eternity - although an on-line review did not make Eternity sound like a sequel to Eon or to anything else. I have no idea what will come after Brain Wave and the Way Trilogy.

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