Friday, 22 August 2014

Anderson And Bear

Greg Bear, Eon (London, 2002).

These are the Poul Anderson works that I have referred to while discussing Greg Bear's Eon:

The Shield Of Time
After Doomsday
The Corridors Of Time
There Will Be Time
The Operation... series

To these we may add the Harvest Of Stars Tetralogy and Genesis as dealing with human-AI interactions and "Eutopia" as dealing with the survival of an ancient culture into a technological period.

Four time travel works are listed. Their connections with Eon are:

a young man brought up in a Communist regime remembers his grandmother's Heaven;
by virtue of time travel, a small group of people knows of an imminent global nuclear war with long term ecological consequences;
a spatial interval within an artificial corridor corresponds to a temporal interval outside the corridor;
slower than light interstellar travel is linked to time travel.

But these are very different treatments of parallel ideas.

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