Monday, 25 August 2014

Effects Of The Intelligence Revolution

Poul Anderson, Brain Wave (London, 1977).

The stock market falls.
Danger of recession.
Chinese troops mutiny.
Communist government declares emergency.
New religion in LA: thousands attend meeting of the Third Ba'al.
Politicians discuss world government.
Rebellion of mental patients.
Riot in Alabama.
Unified field theory announced: interstellar travel theoretically possible.
Revolutions in Soviet countries, possibly with new weapons and military concepts.
World economic crisis.
Food riots in major cities.
Thousands leave work.
Street fighting.
Tiger escapes: maybe all dangerous animals in captivity should be killed.
People react faster so traffic accidents are down.

People think faster but not necessarily straight.

Corinth's IQ has gone from 160 to 200 in a week. He plays chess better, thinks new thoughts and finds his former professional problems ridiculously easy but also wanders off into fantastic trains of thought and is nervous and afraid. Lewis predicts IQ's of 400 within a week and that the change will drive many insane.

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