Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Known Space, 2367-2505

The First Man-Kzin War began in 2367 and the Fourth ended in 2505. The Wars involved:

Alpha Centauri;
Procyon A;
61 Ursae Majoris;
Sigma Draconis;
Barnard's Star;
Epsilon Eridani;
the extrasolar planets, Warhead/Canyon and Shasht/Fafnir.

Thus, any sf writer contributing stories to the Man-Kzin Wars sub-series of Larry Niven's Known Space future history could present different characters in different planetary systems during different Wars in different centuries. However, s/he is more likely to create a sub-sub-series with continuing characters and sequential events.

Of Poul Anderson's three contributions, "Inconstant Star" is a direct sequel to "Iron" and I expect "Pele" to complete the trilogy although I can be wrong.

"The vast Majority of the Man-Kzin Wars stories are set around the First War," according to Wikipedia. "Iron" and "Inconstant Star" describe incidents occurring immediately after the First War.

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