Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Inconstant Star: Conclusion

"Inconstant Star" (see previous posts).

Another brilliant military maneuver by Robert Saxtorph destroys a kzinti spaceship and all its occupants but Weoch-Captain's dying act deprives the Saxtorphs of the mini-black hole. 

I was right about Tyra Nordbo's brother being a traitor but that was obvious. Tyra's father, Peter, has become the Saxtorph's partner so can be expected to re-appear in Anderson's third Man-Kzin Wars story, "Pele."

Ryan the Hawaiian refers to Pele and google discloses that Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.

A character in "The Asteroid Queen" by JE Pournelle and SM Stirling is called Matthieson and a street in "Inconstant Star" by Poul Anderson is called Mattiesonstrasse. It is clear that some interconnections are to be fully understood only by reading the entire sub-series although my present purpose is to continue reading works by Anderson.   

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