Monday, 11 November 2013

Three Novels And Three Short Stories

Three Detective Novels By Poul Anderson
Perish By The Sword
Murder In Black Letter
Murder Bound

Three Short Stories By Poul And Karen Anderson Collected In The Unicorn Trade
"Dead Phone"
"The Kitten"
"Single Jeopardy"

The three novels and the first short story star the San Francisco detective, Trygve Yamamura. The novels hint at supernaturalism whereas the short story ends by affirming it.

The first novel features a Metallurgic Laboratories company. "Single Jeopardy," published in Hitchcock's, is a murder story set in San Francisco about the two founders of a Metallurgical Research Laboratory, one of whom shares a surname with a character in the third novel.

"The Kitten," which ends by affirming the supernatural, is set in the fictitious town of Senlac, which also features in Poul Anderson's science fiction novel, There Will Be Time.

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