Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Interweaving Themes

Stefan Rostomily cameos in "Marius" (set in 1964);
the cloned Rostomily Brotherhood of Un-men features in "Un-Man" (2004);
the Psychotechnic Institute's total integration training is introduced in "The Sensitive Man" (2009);
another Un-man stars in "The Big Rain" (2051);
the mass unemployment that the Institute will be unable to solve is introduced in "Quixote And The Windmill" (2120);
the Humanists who will overthrow the Institute are introduced in "Holmgang" (2140);
the Order of Planetary Engineers is introduced and the Humanists are overthrown in "Cold Victory" (2180);
social problems continue in "What Shall It Profit?" (2200);
psychotechnics works in a generation ship in "The Troublemakers" (2205);
the Order thwarts the exiled psychotechnicians in "The Snows Of Ganymede" (2220);
a Planetary Engineer is a Rostomily Brother with total integration training but meanwhile social conflicts intensify on Earth in "Brake" (2270);
the Second Dark Ages begin in 2300.

Thus, "Brake," pulling together Planetary Engineers, Brothers, total integration and social conflict, is a fitting culmination to this section of the Psychotechnic History. 

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