Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Horn Of Time

Google informs me that The Horn Of Time is a Poul Anderson collection of:

"The Horn Of Time The Hunter" (Kith future history);
"A Man To My Wounding";
"The High Ones";
"The Man Who Came Early" (time travel);
"Marius" (Psychotechnic future history);
"Progress" (Maurai future history).

The future history stories should be, and have been, collected in their respective series. The time travel story should be included in a revised edition of the time travel collection, Past Times.

That leaves two stories. "A Man To My Wounding" sounds familiar although I can't place it. Regular correspondent Sean recommends "The High Ones" which sounds unfamiliar to me so I will order a copy of The Horn Of Time.

"Time" is always an evocative word in a fiction title. In sf and in Poul Anderson, it can mean time travel although not here.

Tracking down second hand copies of all Anderson collections is one way to acquire some previously unread stories but what we really need is a multi-volume Complete Short Stories.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

Well, THE HORN OF TIME was pub. around 1969, before the Psychotechnic and Kith stories were collected into separate volumes, this collection should be understood as simply a collection of stories by Anderson.

Yes, I recommend "The High Ones" to your attention because this story, along with "The Pugilist," was brought to mind from reading THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE. These were differing speculations by Anderson on what might have happened if the USSR had won the Cold War.