Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Historical Periods

I am not sure about this but maybe it would be a good idea to interpolate new "frontispieces" or title pages at strategic points in the collected History of Technic Civilization to show the reader where each of the successive periods begins and ends and also how long each of them is.


before "Margin of Profit," THE POLESOTECHNIC LEAGUE;
before "The Star Plunderer," THE TROUBLES;
before "Sargasso of Lost Starships," THE TERRAN EMPIRE;
before "A Tragedy of Errors," THE LONG NIGHT;
before "The Night Face," THE ALLIED PLANETS;
before "Starfog," THE COMMONALTY.

In the current uniform edition, Baen Books' The Technic Civilization Saga, THE POLESOTECHNIC LEAGUE title page would come before the fourth of eleven works in volume I and THE TROUBLES title page would come before the fourth of six works in Volume III, which kind of demonstrates what a long and, it must be added, substantial sub-series THE POLESOTECHNIC LEAGUE is.

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