Saturday, 4 June 2016

Misuse Of Time

When Evirion's sea trading is curtailed by piracy:

"He could find no work unless it be as a common labourer, and he would not stoop to that."
-Poul and Karen Anderson, The Dog And The Wolf, Chapter XIX, section 3, p. 378.

He should stoop. It would be good for him and he would learn from it. Although:

"Nor could he, without fatal damage to his authority over his crew, should Brennilis ever put to sea again." (ibid.)

Well, that is a different matter. He has to take social attitudes into account if he is to run a business. But what does he do with his time? He:

drank too much;
got into fights;
consorted with whores;
lay in bed staring at the ceiling;
slouched sullenly around;
raged with boredom and fretting;
had occasional paramilitary drills.

No good. Try:

prayer or meditation;
handicrafts, if skilled (I am not);
more intensive participation in the defensive brotherhood;
maybe some practical discussion with the tribune about the best way forward for the community?

Enforced idleness is always an opportunity.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I agree, if piracy forced much enforced idleness on Evirion he could and should have used his time more sensibly and productively. Given his extroverted, inclined to being physically active nature, more intensive military drilling would seem best. And learning of handicrafts like wood carving or carpentry would not cause Evirion to lose face before his men, IMO. But I fear reading, writing, cultivating a deeper faith in God would not much appeal to him.