Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Historical Organizations II

Religious Movements
Cosmic religion
Ramakrishian Eclectics, including Kali-worshipers
Husseinite Moslems
the New Christendom
the White American Church

No mention either of Mahayana Buddhists or of Jerusalem Catholics in this future history.

Previously, I became immersed in Poul Anderson's past histories, then in his Technic Civilization History, but I never expected to become equally immersed in his much simpler and shorter Psychotechnic History.

The Cosmic religion is mentioned in the Chronology but I must reread to find out whether any further information is given in any of the texts. We see a Pilgrim on Mars but Ramakrishians, Husseinites and New Christendom are mentioned only once and then only to make the point that Terrestrial civilization is disintegrating.

I have yet to read either "Green Thumb" or "The Acolytes," both set in the Stellar Union period, so I would be interested if anyone out there has any information about either of these stories.

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