Monday, 28 October 2013

Atlantean Genotypes

Nicholsons, unintelligent menial workers.
Whitleys, hereditary huntresses, military, higher caste.
Dyckmans, "sloppy," scant mother instinct, good flatterers.
Latvalas, slim, blond, good with javelins,usually hereditary bodyguards.
Udalls, hereditary rulers.
Macklins, husky, military.
Burkes, counselors, thinkers, soldiers, artists, artisans;
Lundgards, military.
Damons, military.
Hausers, military.
Craigs, poets and weavers.
Holloways, Salmons, O'Briens, artists, artisans, entertainers.
Trevors, a higher caste.

This cannot be a full list of Atlantean castes and I may have missed some surnames in the text but will continue to check.

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