Thursday, 10 August 2017

Two Actors

In his third novel, Poul Anderson's Dominic Flandry has changed his face and keeps the new face for the rest of the series. Therefore, two actors should play the role in any series of screen adaptations.

In Thunderball, Blofeld is described to the reader but not yet seen by Bond. However, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond has seen Blofeld's file and thinks, wrongly, that the Comte de Bleuville cannot possibly be the same man. Therefore, again, I think that a change of actor would be appropriate. This raises the possibility, if only in my mind, that the second Blofeld is an impostor.

Fantasy and sf offer more opportunities for rationalizing a change of actor/change of appearance in a character. I think that Flandry and Blofeld are two instances where a change of actor is not only acceptable but even obligatory.


David Birr said...

In fact, Blofeld was never played by the same actor in any two movies, except for *From Russia With Love* and *Thunderball* — in both of which his face was never shown and ANOTHER actor provided his voice.

Paul Shackley said...

You are so right but here I am talking about how I think the books SHOULD be filmed with one actor for Blofeld in OHMSS and YOLT.