Sunday, 6 August 2017

Series Villains II

See Series Villains.

The Time Patrol (not a single villain but a progression)
(i) Stane is Rozher Schtein, a lone fanatic from 2987.
(ii) Neldorians are 205th millennial bandits whose only ambition is record-breaking luxurious living in an altered timeline controlled by themselves.
(iii) Merau Varagan and his fellow Exaltationists are more sophisticated egoists.
(iv) Raor is Varagan's female clone mate.
(v) Beyond all time criminals, there is temporal chaos -
(vi) - which can be expressed through a personal causal nexus.

James Bond
(i) Beria directs SMERSH.
(ii) Bond wonders who controls SMERSH now that Beria is gone.
(iii) General G (Grubozaboyschikov) took over SMERSH after Beria's execution.
(iv) When Khrushchev disbanded SMERSH, some of its former members joined SPECTRE.
(v) When Bond destroyed SPECTRE, its founder and chairman, Blofeld, escaped.
(vi) When Bond meets the Comte de Bleuville, he initially thinks that this cannot be the Blofeld whose file he has seen.
(vii) When Bond is asked to assassinate Doctor Shatterhand and is shown his photograph, he instantly recognizes Blofeld/de Bleuville.
(viii) With Blofeld dead, Bond again opposes the KGB and mentions Semichastny. (After twelve novels, nothing has really changed.)

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Since the USSR did not disintegrate till 1991 and Bond should be thought of as flourishing in the 1950's and '60's, it's no surprise the Bond stories seems "unfinished" to you. The same, after all, can be said of the Flandry series in PA's Technic History. We still see a hostile Merseia threatening the Empire at the end of THE GAME OF EMPIRE.