Friday, 11 August 2017

Is Dominic Flandry A Gourmet?

Flandry dines well because he is a Terran aristocrat and is served by Chives but is he himself a gourmet? See here.

When Flandry and his son dine in elegance beneath the rings of Saturn on Iapetus with expensive and expert women, their attention is on their surroundings and their companions at least as much as on their dinner. However, there is another occasion when the menu is perhaps more important:

"Three, count 'em, three gorgeous girls, ready and eager to help me celebrate my birth week, starting tomorrow at Everest House with a menu I spent two hours planning..."
-Poul Anderson, The Rebel Worlds IN Anderson, Young Flandry (Riverdale, NY, 2010), pp. 367-518 AT p. 380.

(Maybe such a passage partly excuses the Baen Books cover of Young Flandry?)

When Flandry dines with Catherine Kittredge, he says:

"'I prescribe this before dinner: Ansan aurea. Essentially, it's a light dry vermouth, but for once a non-Terran soil has improved the flavor of a Terran plant.'"
-Poul Anderson, "Hunters of the Sky Cave" IN Anderson, Sir Dominic Flandry: The Last Knight Of Terra (Riverdale, NY, 2012), pp. 149-301 AT pp. 205-206.

- which is interesting because Nicholas van Rijn, definitely a gourmet, likes onion soup a la Ansa. See here.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

These were better examples of Flandry's refined and elegant tastes in dining than the one I picked from THE PLAGUE OF MASTERS.

And I utterly LOATHE and abominate the Baen Books covers for the first three books collecting the Flandry stories! They make Flandry look like a goon with a taste for cavorting with naked bimbos! And he was so much more than that!!!!