Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Aquatic Antagonists

See The Sunken City Of Averorn and Fighting The Kraken.

Dominic Flandry's opponent, A'u:

is amphibious;
is fifteen metres long;
has wrinkled leather skin;
has the gape of a whale and horrible teeth;
has boneless arms with hands;
rages among the men hunting him in the endless Nyanzan sea;
plucks limbs from two men with the talons on his legs;
is filled with harpoons;
is killed by a harpoon through an eye into the brain.

James Bond, falling from a cliff into the sea at a point where a giant squid is trapped behind a fence, climbs the fence, evades tentacles and stabs an eye with an improvised spear. The squid empties its ink sac and sinks, presumably dead.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I remember, despite Aa'u being an enemy of the Empire and having killed several men, Dominic Flandry still had a moment of compassion for him, and wondered if Aa'u left behind children who wondered why their father did not come back. And Flandry, despite not hesitating to kill when it was necessary, had similar moments of compassion for those he had slain. I'm not sure if James Bond ever had similar moments.

"The Game Of Glory" is the Flandry story I think a director/producer could experiment with in making a filmed version. I've thought of the Bahamas Islands as a good location for filming it and might need only fairly minimal special effects,